The most common objection, and perhaps the only objection, to the use of a PAC to influence legislation, is that "We the People" should not have to bribe congress to do what is right. But there is a big difference between using a PAC and offering Congress a bribe. A bribe is simply giving someone money, so they will do what you would like for them to do. A Political Action Committee is a team of experts who have studied an issue, and formed a valid opinion on the benefits and/or consequences of a particular political action or position. The job of an effective Political Action Committee is to educate Congress on how to make the best political decisions on behalf of the people they are representing. They are consultants who gather information and then make a decision. In a capitalist world, money is respected because it symbolizes the ability to make a productive contribution of service to society. Important successful businesses create good jobs. Good jobs result in social stability. Social stability leads to happiness and peace of mind. In order to consult with congress and teach them how to make wise decisions on a particular issue, those who have studied the issue and stand to benefit must educate those who work for them. Our elected officials get paid to show up and vote on the issues. They are also independently responsible for raising the money to get themselves elected and re-elected. And they raise money for their election campaigns by offering consultations to respected and successful constituents. They cannot possibly meet with every single citizen in the US and have a private conversation. The only thing that makes sense, is to meet with those who have something important to say. A team of experts, who are willing to pay for a political consultation, with someone in a position to make a difference, so they will have an opportunity to present information, that will positively influence action on behalf of a particular special interest group, is far from being a bribe. Calling the congressional education process bribery is like saying that a gynecologist who performs a genital exam should to be arrested for prostitution for touching the genitals, even though the intention is to heal and education a patient, not to cause sexual arousal or gratification. A knife can be used to stab and murder someone, or it can be used to perform surgery and save a life. Viewing campaign contribution as evil and condemning the use of them to educate congress is like outlawing knives and putting all the surgeons who use them in jail because murder can also be committed with a knife. A political action committee's job is to consult with elected officials and advise them on how to make the best, and most informed decisions. Those who remain silent, do not get heard. Those who are not willing to purchase a consultation, do not get heard. They are not even taken seriously in a capitalist society.

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