Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Replacing Protest with Pro-Preventive Action

This website is dedicated to educating the public regarding civic responsibilities that have been previously delegated to corporate special interest groups by virtue of non-action. Those who understand the key to genuine freedom know that prevention is more effective than protest. In taking rightful action, you become truly free.

In order to establish and sustain a more perfect union, a system of checks and balances was instituted to insure respect for both the rights of an individual and the collective good. The degree of civic responsibility required for such a system to function optimally was never exercised, due to insufficient effective education with regard to the legislative process. When sufficient knowledge is combined with a sense of duty, responsible preventive action will be recognized as a much more effective means of keeping wrong actions in check, than protesting the injustices that have accumulated because of complacency and inaction. Until then, it is important to continue protesting injustices until harmful practices are corrected.

The intention of this website is to empower people to end wage slavery by teaching them how to relinquish the status. It is only "We the People" who can assume civic responsibility and give elected officials the guidance and support they need to make wise decisions that are good for the US. When corporate power and executive special interests are balanced by ordinary citizenship participation in the traditionally respected power to influence manner, the arrows of direction will point the way for change to be recognized, implemented and acknowledged. 100% grassroots demand for initiative and referendums legislation won't correct injustices as quickly and efficiently as our populace initiating consultations with elected officials, to provide the guidance need and instruction they need, in sculpting the kind of society we envision for ourselves.