Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What is up with this blog?

Restoration of the constitutional republic via the assumption of civic responsibilities on behalf of "We the People" (WtP) is simply a matter of using the system in place to initiate change, instead of judging and condemning it. Political Action Committees are tools that can be used to sculpt a new society reflecting values that are consistent with current human ideals. The act of balancing freedom and responsibility, compassion and self-discipline, happiness and prosperity, peace and restoration, fairness and competition is a challenge that can easily be met by offering support and advice to those elected to operate the system we have in place. When people with a sense of purpose and passion form political action committees, raise money, and begin consulting with politicians in the traditionally respected manner, on behalf of positive change for the betterment of this nation and all of society, significant changes will begin to emerge quickly and responsively. If only every citizen of the United States in America contributed $1 to support a good cause, the money raised would not only get the attention of the legislative branch, it would reflect a new era personal responsibility on behalf of ordinary citizenship. When people refrain from making the leap from fair compensation in exchange for consultation bribery, the voices calling for war will no longer speak louder than those with ethical considerations preventing respect for the wisdom of charging for a consultation. When the people finally decide to lead, the leaders will be eagerly waiting and willing follow. The elimination of internal revenue terrorization, legislation that is designed to protect stupid people from themselves, unconstitutionally vague, unconstitutionally vague, broad and over reaching moral law, senseless fines for harmless actions, and victimless crime could all be eliminated by Political Action Committee. It is time for US (WtP) to take responsibility and govern the elected officials.