Friday, January 1, 2016

Hospitals: The Modern Day Torture Chamber of Psychopaths

Do you have an old sick relative that you hate? Take them to the hospital and let them torture the person to death. But if someone you love is sick, do not leave them there unattended. I just sent this letter by certified mail to the hospital that was torturing my Aunt over the holidays. Perhaps some of you will join me in letting hospitals everywhere know that people have had enough of their cruel and heartless shenanigans. Feel free to copy and paste and send this letter anywhere:

Dear Hospital,

A frail and elderly relative of mine had the unfortunate experience of checking into your hospital recently. My relative was weak, dizzy, in a whole lot of pain, and recovering from a very serious condition that required more than one surgery. There was a ten-inch weeping scar on my relative’s body that still had stitches in it needing to be removed. The admitting doctor told my relative there was nothing was wrong, and that hospitals are not hotels. My relative was so humiliated by the experience, no sleep was gotten the first night.

What are you people trying to do, get rid of old people by embarrassing them to death? How dare you? If it wasn’t beyond obvious to your facility that my relative was in need of gentle and tender care, rather than emotional abuse, then your doctors are incompetent and you people need to be put out of business.

Not only did the admitting doctor emotionally abuse and humiliate my relative, but your nurses were required by virtue of the bean counter rules, regulations, and red tape rigamarole to with-hold my relative’s pain medication, which had been previously prescribed by the primary care physician, who was not yet aware that my relative had been admitted to the hospital. Instead of making sure my relative’s pain was under control, your nurses were instructed to then administer blood pressure medication, which might not have even been needed, if the hospital was responsible enough to manage pain instead of requiring people to suffer needlessly.

I was at the hospital with my relative, who couldn’t even get up and go to the bathroom alone without assistance, and I provided restroom assistance at least 12 times between the hours of 2 pm and 9 pm. I finally got tired of watching unnecessary suffering and drove to my relative’s house to get the pain medication that another doctor had prescribed and brought it to the hospital. Finally some rest could be attained, I had hoped. We were both exhausted and needed it. But the nurses and aids were then instructed to come into the room every hour on the hour, turn on the lights, and wake my relative up for lab tests, blood draws, and blood pressure checks. So no sleep was gotten the second night either. Why isn’t that kind of thing being done during the day, along with some assistance going to the bathroom? Why are you people waking patients up every hour all night long to prod and probe them when they are exhausted from being neglected and in pain all day, and they need all the rest they can get?

I am not telling you who I am talking about because my relative is afraid of what might happen if it ever becomes necessary to check into your facility again. It doesn’t really matter who, because I am sure the same thing is happening to a whole lot of other people too. I am just writing to let you know that I intend to hire a lawyer and bring a malpractice suit against the administration of this hospital and all of it’s doctors if it ever happens to anyone I love again. Don’t go blaming the nurses for this either. They are just obeying rules. This is about accounting practices that get in the way of compassionate health care. It is happening in hospitals everywhere and it need to be stop. I intend to do what I can to stop it with a class-action suit if that is possible.

It appears the hospitals that employ AMA trained doctors are nothing more than psychopathic torture chambers intent upon ratcheting up people’s suffering to insure they die more quickly, or beg to get out and go home. If that is not true, the policies need to change so people can get good health care, instead of emotional abuse, physical neglect, and increased suffering.

Your Name