In order to form a more perfect union "We the People" must stop judging and condemning the tried and true traditional means of getting legislation passed, and use it to sculpt a society that reflects our values and ideals. Bribery is illegally or dishonestly persuading someone to act in one's favor by offering a gift of money or some other inducement. There is nothing illegal about making campaign contributions and supporting those who have been elected to run the country. Legal limits on how much you can contribute are there to insure that all issues have a chance to be represented equally, if sufficient citizenship support is present. They also insure that political action committees representing specific interests will have an equal opportunity to present information and arguments, educate congress, be heard and given consideration before legislative decisions are made. Empowered PACs that support and educate lawmakers are what get the laws passed. Without PACs grassroots efforts are an irrelevant waste of time. I know this because I was involved in a grassroots campaign in the 90's that was getting nowhere. When a PAC was formed and campaign contributions were made, the issue was finally taken seriously, and much needed legislation got passed. Refusing to use a PAC and accusing those who are savvy enough to do so of bribery is a dishonest game of disempowered victimhood pretense that is used in miserly ignorance. It makes less sense than refusing to eat when there is plenty of nutritious food on the table, in attempt to convince others that you are suffering because of a neglect or lack. This country, and our constitution, will work if the people will finally accept the responsibility that comes with maintaining freedom and begin to work it. We must begin to exercise our political muscles like an athlete preparing for competition. We must create a country we can be proud of for a change. If you feel passionate about a particular issue, please read the links on PAC Law, establish a PAC, raise money, and begin to lobby for favorable legislative action. If you are simply passionate about fixing the looming problems that are threatening to destroy this country, teach people how to form PACs and use them to create a more perfect union. If you have not seen the movie "From Freedom to Fascism" watch it now: That is where this country is going if "We the People" are not willing to preserve the freedom that was guaranteed US by the founding fathers and begin using the tried and true respected system that is in place. An artist friend of mine, Warren Culler, started painting a cypress knee, and decided that he didn't like the way it was looking. He placed the canvas on it's side against a wall and began cleaning his brushes by slinging excess paint on the canvas against while he worked on other painting. After a few weeks of doing this, he noticed subtle images and faces were showing up on the canvas he threw away. He picked it up, turned it 45 degrees, and saw an empty place that needed an indian. He drew a line and made a nose, put a hat on the Indian, and Magic Man was created in two stroked. It launched his career and became the popular print he ever sold. The worst painting he ever painted, re-painted itself while he was working on something else. When it was ready, he fixed it, and sold it, and made a lot of money. Our country is like that painting. It is time for us to fix the USA and let freedom ring. If we take responsibility for preserving the integrity of the constitution, not only will freedom ring, prosperity, health and happiness will also be ours in great abundance. Almost every time I go into a restaurant to eat these days I see soldiers in uniform. We the People are paying their salaries. They are there to serve and protect US. Fear nothing and no thing can harm you. Trust in their good nature and give thanks for their presence because they know in their hearts that their duty is to protect us and the constitution that guarantees our freedom. Know they will be there for you when/if you ever need them. More than likely, you are one of the many who will come through all of the radical changes unscathed.

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