Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Big Tech Hearings

As I watch the congressional hearings about the activites of Google and Facebook, I am appalled. These people pretending to be the leaders of the country didn't prevent industry from polluting the planet. They haven't protect Taxpayers from inflation, poverty wages, medical malpractice, nor insurance scams that rip off harworking Americans and essentially kill them. It didn't stop net neutrality. And now it wants to interrogate tech executives as if it understand that they are doing.

They haven't protected anyone against pharmaceutical drug companies. They let the FDA take away perfectly good and effective home remedies that would help people manage and get rid of conditions the AMA refuses to cure because it would rather perform surgery and doctor people to death. It has forbidden people from having access to plants that expand consciousness in a political war on drugs to suppress the vote by incarceration. It has destroyed families and increased suffering by prohibiting the best pain medicine nature has ever evolved, the opiates.

It has done nothing to prevent big business from breaking unions, while allowing the police unions to protect racist cops who routinely humiliate, torture, unfairly target and kill (mainly) people of color. It has created homelessness, enabled a billionaire class to emerge, and instead of requiring them to pay their fair share of taxes, they are now beginning to pollute space for financial gain.

The elected officials aren't smart enough to govern. All they know how to do is argue with each other, restrict freedom, interfere with progress, protect the rich, grow the government, legislate for monopolies and self-righteous religious zealots who wish to control others, allowing religion to commit atrocities in the name of God or Satan. Government allows circumcision, declares war on behalf of oil companies that want the natural resources of other countries, then abandons the people in those countries who have helped the US, leaving women and children behind to be enslaved, once it has impoverished the nations it temporarily conquers.

This country is a hopeless mess. The experiment failed. We might as well play TAPS, stop deluding ourselves, and kiss freedom goodbye. It is long gone. All hope of true Democracy died with MLK and JFK. We are walking a Green Mile. Our sadistic prison guards quickly eliminate any would-be-good public servants, who dare try and protect the people as if they could, as quickly as they get elected. Lasting long in the poison environment of the congress that has been created requires corruption. And this, was Sophie's Choice.

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