Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What is a PAC?

A Political Action Committee is called a PAC. Have you ever wondered how corporations can get laws passed that allow them to require a contract, deliver shoddy service, and make people pay for the crummy service because it isn't available without signing a contract? Have you ever wondered how corporations can get away with training employees to tell customers they need to take a little more responsibility, and pay for crummy services after signing a contract? Have you ever wondered how business succeeds in protecting obsolete technologies with strategies like buying competing patents and suppressing newer competitive technologies? Political Action Committees are the primary mechanism used by corporations to craft legislation for the benefit of business. Political action committees are used to educate, as well as to provide guidance and support for Congressmen and Senators. Political Action Committee funds also support election and re-election campaigns. It is shortsighted and incorrect to view PAC money ase bribery. Those who choose to view the system that has been used so masterfully by capitalism as bribery are oppo In order to switch from fascism to freedom, We the People must also use PACS to guide elected officials and educate them with regard to the kind of society the we the fully informed, consciously awakened public, chooses to create. The system we have in place works for those who work it. Those who don't, are responsible for allowing corporations to sculpt an efficient fascist political machine designed by executives for the purpose of running business efficiently. Unfortunately, efficient business machines Generations of living under corporate dictatorship and democratic tyranny is causing a sense of slavery among the people. It is noble and hopeful that people are willing to Occupy Wall Street. But it's not enough to bring about the changes people want. It could even be used as a reason to replace our constitution with a communist dictatorship. Assuming civic responsibility and utilizing the system that is in place to teach our elected officials what we want from them is the way to build a better world. And we need to act fast.