Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Funeral

I was called for jury duty, but much to my disappointment, I did not get picked. In fact, I was the first one they let go. Not sure why the defendant did not want me to serve. But I think he made a mistake by letting me go. He was a hispanic man who looked like he had been in a few fights. But he was also very intelligent and dressed professionally. He asked the potential jurors if any of them owned a gun or had a concealed gun permit. Had he known how pro-guns I am, he probably would have wanted me on that jury. But I was dismissed. As much as I wanted to serve, the universe rewarded me with an emotional release. Now I know what you are all thinking, but I did not ball like a baby when the judge told me I was dismissed. The emotional release occurred because of a funeral procession that I encountered on my way home. I immediately pulled over and stopped when I saw the police escort coming in my direction followed by many vehicles with their lights on. Behind the police drove a team of Harley Davidson’s, all proudly waving the Old Gory and Lone Star Flag. They were big ones. The sight of it caused the hair on my head to stand up and tingles of energy to flow down my arms and back. I am even getting a little bit of a rush writing about it now. Following the Harley Davidsons were many many cars. It may have been the longest funeral procession I have ever seen. I teared up, put my hand out the window, and began to wave as soon as I saw the American Flags. Some of them saw me and waved back. Several cars pulled over and stopped when I did, but most just slowed down and went on their way. As I saw there waving with a lump in my throat listening to The Message, a nice Japanese man with law abiding intentions pulled up next to me and said something. But I couldn’t hear him because of the road noise and radio. So I got out of my car, stuck my head in his, and asked him what was up. He wanted to know if he was supposed to stop. He didn’t understand our culture. Some people were going and some were stopping. He didn’t want to get a ticket. I told him that you are supposed to stop when you see a funeral, but some people don’t. By then the cars driving by no longer had their lights on, so I told him it was okay to keep going and got back in my car.

As I proceeded down the highway, sadness suddenly overwhelmed me. Just as I began blubbering like a baby another team of Harleys with headlights appeared in the road heading my direction. It seemed unusual that they were lagging so far behind. A couple of more miles further down the road I encountered a motorcycle wreck. The driver was sitting up on the side of the road surrounded by EMS and Firemen. He seemed to be okay. But the entire north bound lane was blocked with fire trucks and EMS vehicles.There was a long line of cars waiting for the road to clear. Something told me that lagging tail en entourage of hogs must have been delayed became they stopped to help a fellow biker. But that is just conjecture, or the manifestation of an over active mind and a waste of time if you are hold emptiness supreme. Oh no not I.

I then began to ponder why the funeral procession had made such a major impact on me. My mind immediately went to the American Flags and the men waving them. They were Bikers. Hawg drivers. Patriots. Hells Angels. Outlaws. And I was inspired one more time to try to get my point across about Political Action Committees. Because I believe we could have gotten marijuana legalized long before the juries started nullifying the law in Colorado, if people understood PACS the way I do.

Does anybody reading this blog play poker? Do you mind having to ante up in order to get in the game? Do you consider it bribery? Or the price of admission?

PACs are how “We the People” ante up to get in the game so our issues can be heard and respected equally to everybody else who has an agenda, namely the business community. If we refuse to use PACs, jury nullification is the only option we have to keep the fascists from swallowing us whole, until they get so fat they will pop if they swallow any more. And there is a concentrated effort on the part of the judges, who are working for big businessmen, because that is who is getting them elected, to prevent jurors from knowing they have a duty to nullify laws that should not be on the books. So it is a very slow long slow miserable process of turning things around by using the judicial branch of government, as we have seen with 100 years of marijuana prohibition. But eventually people had enough. And finally now the people of 23 states have regained access to the medicine God put on this planet to elevate human consciousness, cure cancer, depression and many other debilitating diseases.

It is only because we the people, who are free to study the rules, and learn how to play the game, and beat them at their own game, have refused to do so, that this nation has devolved into a state of fascist slavery. Those who understand the process and participate in governance, view themselves as shepherds in charge of a flock that simply has no interest in assuming responsibility for self governance, or is incapable of doing so.