Friday, September 28, 2018

Kavenaugh Vs. Ford

If I were in Brett Kavenaugh's shoes and I was innocent I would insist on taking a lie detector test to prove it. This is not a court of law. This is a job interview. It is permitted. I would also welcome an FBI investigation. In fact, I would insist on it because I would want the full confidence of the public and people who appointed me. The fact that he isn't insisting on taking a lie detector test and he might be using denial to get the appointment alarms me. It says that getting the job by any means is more important to him than truth and Justice. How ironic, given the nature of the job he is going for.

I would be a whole lot more comfortable with someone who said, "I was young, we were drinking and I don't remember doing that! I would like take a lie detector test. I will do it under sodium pentothal if it will help to ease the mind of the public. Because I know how important it is for the public to have confidence in my appointment, and I want the truth to be known. And if I did this and I just don't remember it because I had too much to drink, I am sorry. But I don't drink (to excess?) anymore. And I would never do anything like that again."

If a person can own it, I believe in forgiving. But I am not comfortable with putting the fate of my country in the hands of someone who isn't willing to take full personal responsibility for his actions, and he isn't willing to at least try to prove himself. This is not a court of law. He has the chance to prove himself. He needs to prove that he is interested in true justice. But he won't. He won't even welcome an FBI investigation. Denial like his is dangerous.

If he would just take a lie detector test and/or welcome an FBI investigation I would be a lot more at ease with him getting appointed. But if the only way that Pro-lifers can get Roe V Wade overturned is to appoint someone like this, who doesn't even care to prove himself, and they support his appointment, this country is in big trouble.

Because he is going to be a pawn that can be used to take this country further and further down the road to fascism. They will be using him to erode the constitution even further. They will begin to weigh this country down with rulings designed to strengthen the power of the corporate state.

The hypocrisy of appointing someone who would rather sit there and lie than own his stuff is beyond disturbing. It is alarming. He is a threat to the freedom that our forefathers fought so hard to win. Appointing someone who won't even take a lie detector test or welcome an FBI investigation sends a message to men that they can do whatever they want to women. It also sends a message to the public that there is no such thing as real justice.

If this man is appointed the rich and elite are making a clear statement that they are going to do whatever they want to us in a court of law, without regard for truth and justice, and we might as well all just get used to it.

If Kavenaugh would take a lie detector test, I would definitely want it to be conducted at a neutral site by a neutral investigator because my interest is in making sure the person who gets appointed to the SC cares more about truth and justice than saving face or pretending he is innocent to get an appointment. Because if he does that it means he is becoming the puppet of the cadre that wants him appointed.

Ford's testimony immediately becomes insignificant if Kavenaugh is willing to take a lie detector test too. If the Pro-Life people don't trust her lie detector test, and they want her to take another one at a neutral site, I am all for that too. Any person who tries to set someone up with a false testimony should be convicted of the alleged crime instead of the person who was falsely accused. If that is what Ford has done, she should be put in jail for sexual assault.

But even if the lie detector test indicates Kavenaugh sexually assaulted Ford, if he is willing to own it I wouldn't want him going to jail at this late date, unless he is at risk of continuing to do that kind of thing. His refusal to take a lie detector test or welcome an FBI investigation, and the fact that he would sit there and cry and yell at the people asking questions, is a good reason to believe that he is a very dangerous person. Indeed, accepting the appointment without insisting on proving his innocence is an assault on truth and justice.

If he gets appointed, it should be a red alert to the people of this country.