Sunday, October 17, 2021

Where are all those Coveted Jobs that Immigrants are coming here to Steal?

"You can't have a nation wide worker shortage and claim immigrants for stealing the jobs at the same time."

Immigrants arrive here willing to do any kind of work they can get, even hauling the chicken shit out from under the cages in wheel barrels for factory farms. Do you think the US citizens really want to do that, when they won't even work in restaurants due to the insulating wages?

Why shouldn't the U.S. let immigrants do more of the work that U.S. Citizens are refusing to do? The immigrants are most certainly capable. They just can't get the proper documents. But if they could get the documents, it would qualify them for public assistance, because they wouldn't be getting paid a living wage. That's the problem. The US doesn't want anybody getting public assistance for doing essential jobs that don't pay a living wage, ESPECIALLY the immigrants.

Yet if it will help corporations make bigger profits, leadership always votes for public assistance that will help corporate employees. But not without insulting and shame the workers for needing to make ends meet, of course. Why don't people resent the CEOs and shareholders, whose corporations benefit from the public assistance that helps keep the wages low and profits high? Why play a blame the victim game?

The real reason for keeping immigrants out of the US is to prevent them from becoming citizens and voting, because immigrants tend to vote democratic. Our prisons are full of non-violent "criminals" who would vote democratic, too.

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