Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I dislike it when well meaning supportive friends tell me that I need to do “something else” with my life, as if I haven’t tried, or I am not willing to work at a mainstream job for a living. Indeed, I was once told that I was the hardest working person ever seen when I was trying to get ahead as a wage slave for corporate America. Working hard has never gotten me anything but more work and less money. It makes my employers think they are paying too much.

As soon as they see how hard I am willing to work they offer to put me in a salaried position with more responsibility, more hours, and less commission, so they can get a bigger bang for their buck. Meanwhile I am barely hanging on by my fingernails and running up credit card debt to buy gasoline so I can help make other people rich. No thank you to "promotions" that result in me having less time and energy to moonlight as a masseuse so I can afford to keep a lousy low paying disrespectful life consuming soul draining job that barely pays enough money to cover the rent, if it pays that much.

There is nothing I want more than to believe and discover I live in a kind loving world that is ready, willing and able to support and sustain me, so I can refuse to serve other people sexually unless I am turned on and inspired to do so. But empirical evidence has proven otherwise.

I’ve had 30 jobs in 40 years. Not one of them has ever paid me a comfortable living wage. I have a degree from the University of Texas. And corporate America expects me to work for $12 per hour. 40 hours at $12 per is barely enough to pay the rent in Austin, Texas. My student loan payment is more than I can make in a month working a $12 per hour job. How are people suppose to buy food and gasoline and get to and from work when that is all they are getting paid?

Grown up adults are sharing bedrooms, splitting rent, and living dormitory style all over this nation. People are piling up in houses like litters of animals, giving each other bed bugs, sharing a bathroom with several other people, and getting foot fungus from it. And entire culture of self-employed homeless young people is emerging. They rent shared office spaces with showers in the building and sleep in their cars because they can’t afford a place to live. Doesn't matter. They wouldn’t have any time to spend at home anyway because they work so many hours.

No wonder there is so much pressure on women to accept date rape instead of reporting it these days. People don’t have enough to purchase the privacy to masturbate alone in a room of their own.

I’ve had men offer me better jobs if I would have sex with them. I’ve had men offer to give me regular raises and promotions if I would be their girlfriend. Why would any woman prostitute herself to get an job or a promotion, and keep it, if she could make a whole lot more money by just working as a prostitute full time, instead of being a corporate wage slave. Shame and the need for a cover, so you won't get arrested for being a prostitute, I suppose.

There is nothing I want more than to believe it’s possible for me to survive and thrive in this world without having to be of service to someone sexually. But I have seen no evidence of it thus far.

A preacher once told me that God has promised to deliver those who are faithful. He encouraged me to test God. So I did. God failed. I used to own a condo downtown and a house in South Austin. I was so determined to quit being a prostitute that I sold them both and lived on my equity for two and a half years, faithfully waiting for the universe to show me some other way to survive that didn't require me to have sex in order to make ends meet. When the equity was gone I ran out of money. I was about to become homeless. So I started moonlighting as a masseuse again to keep from getting evicted.

It ought to be illegal for corporations to pay less than a comfortable living wage without providing housing, food and uniforms, so employees won’t have to prostitute themselves in order to keep a roof over their heads and feed the children. Only those who are lucky enough to have friends and family that will subsidize corporate America’s piss poor poverty level wages, by giving it's low paid depressed spiritually drained exhausted wage slave human resources free food and housing, can afford to take the abusively demeaning jobs that are created by trickle down capitalistic economics.

The rest have to prostitute themselves.

The term "work ethic" is oxymoronic. There is nothing ethical about wage slavery. It is disrespectful, degrading, humiliating, self-abusive and completely unethical. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Draining the joy out of people for profit mutates humanity into a culture with a parasitic cancer like nature that will eventually begin to consume and kill the planet unless it is exterminated. The elite solution? Cull useless eaters.

Those who with a will to live and work must prostitute themselves in miserable unsatisfying relationships in order to make ends meet. They go home after a long hard day of working for corporate America to cook, clean and serve domestic partners that have a sense of entitlement to sex simply because they happen to be in a relationship and they need someone to help pay the bills. Wage slave by day; cook, house maid, and sex slave at night. The cost of shirking your sexual duty is loss of your relationship. Then who’s going to pay the other half of the rent? "What’s the point of being in a relationship, if we aren't going to have sex?" Men will ask. There is a battle going on in the bedroom. Prostitution has always been the pressure valve. And it's cheaper than supporting a wife who doesn't want to work.

That's why the quality of sex is so horrible these days. There is precious little space for inspiration and appreciation to arise because sex is a woman’s duty, since she can. As long as women have to do it, or suffer extreme poverty and possibly die from that, men will be scratching their heads, wondering what’s missing, addictively craving something more like hungry ghosts. Couples will never know the blissful joy of intimacy inspired desire and willing wanting passion, the kind of sex that is worth waiting for. Such ecstasy is not in the game plan of those who are engaged with bull dozing, hounding, coercing, pouting, complaining, whining partners demanding to have sex whenever they want, with whomever they want it. Or else no deal.

The ironically pitiful thing about prostituting yourself for a relationship to have somebody around who is willing split the bills is that you can’t afford to get your teeth cleaned even with two salaries, until you have reached middle age. Doesn’t really matter, because there is no time to go to the dentist anyway. Life is much easier when you moonlight as a masseuse to make ends meet. But who has any energy left over for giving massages to people who are inevitably going to be hitting you up for sex, after working for corporate America all day long and coming home exhausted? By quitting your corporate job, and devoting all of your time to massage, you can make a whole lot more money. At least that was how things used to be...

But that would have been immoral, now wouldn't it? As if insensitive stock holders draining the life blood out of employees, and getting rich by starving working families is not. Who instituted the moral laws anyway? The religious authorities are working for them, not God. God is a person standing on the street corner holding up a card board sign that says, "God Bless!"

Become a masseuse and you will be hounded for sex, no matter how little you charge. And you will get bad reviews if you don’t include it for those who want it. Sooner or later your customers will wear you down. If you aren't willing to include value-added sexual favors for free, they will review you and put you out of business. Become willing, and you will start getting $100 tips. Then you will be making $160 per massage instead of a mere $60.

At least that is how things used to work before Sesta Fosta started closing down the websites that made it possible to find enough massage customers to make a comfortable living. A whole new game is emerging now. Perhaps we do need a wall to keep out people who are coming her to compete for low paying dead end wage slave jobs, since the sex slaves have been liberated.

The unconscious ignorance of calling out government to disappear venues that once made it possible for consenting adults to safely get their needs met, is a very subtle form of genocide. The unintended result is killing those who were conditioned by abuse to become sex workers. The process of elimination is survival of the fittest.

Congratulations America. It’s time for hookers to look for an NA meeting, trade a few blow jobs for some China White, and commit suicide.

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