Saturday, April 2, 2016

Two Lies People Must Stop Believing in Order to be Truly Free

There are two lies we must stop believing in order to be truly free:
1) It is possible for people to own chunks of the earth, and
2) We are free.

Nature created the earth. It belongs to God. The earth can shake the people off like fleas if they don't learn how to respect her and develop a synergistic relationship with her instead of a parasitic one.

Having accepted lie number one is the reason we are all slaves, and we shall remain slaves for as long as we believe that it is possible for people to own land.

The reason people have to pay money to live on the planet where they are born is because they are slaves to the concept of land ownership. Remembering the truth and returning to the management of natural resources wisely, because they do NOT belong to us, will set us free. We must reorganize society based on the truth, and we shall truly be free.

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